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For now, T25 is non active but sometime in the future, our group will go back to its roots. Check back in a few weeks!

Welcome to the Tallahassee 25!

The Vision: Create and inspire children and families to improve our community's quality of life.

The Mission: Create opportunities for local children through support and hands-on involvement in programs and activities which allow them to enjoy their youth while also helping them learn principles such as responsibility, self esteem, self discipline, and teamwork.

Why 25? Tallahassee 25 is a fully volunteer-driven, non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Florida. In March 1997, twenty-five young professionals established the organization after realizing they shared a common commitment to helping area children.

Tallahassee 25 is committed to helping our community children. We are solely run by volunteers, and are always looking for more volunteers. To get involved, click here. In an effort to protect the children and organizations we work with, all of our volunteers are required to pass a background check with FDLE.

Contributions: Donations are always appreciated! Whether it's a monetary contribution or a materials contribution, we provide all of the materials for our activities ourselves. Contact us for more information on how you can help us out monetarily.

Community Organizations: If you are an organization and would like us to become involved with your children or any children's activity you are planning or are participating in, call us at 850.309.2525 or email us at info@Tallahassee25.org and we will respond to your request. We are excited about what our members are doing and would love to meet you, those who wish to help, and those who wish to be helped!

Sponsor a Meeting: By sponsoring a monthly meeting, you receive sponsor recognition in the monthly and weekly emails, your logo on our website, verbal recognition at the meeting, and the fulfillment of helping a great organization with a wonderful cause!

If you are interested, please contact April Brown at (850)459.3119 or via email at t25_grapeape@yahoo.com. The cost is only $150 for the entire month!